5 Essential Tools for Occupational Health Care Professionals

As an occupational health professional, you need certain tools to help you assess and treat a variety of conditions. These tools can help you determine if a patient is ready to go back to work and they enable you to create an effective treatment plan based on your patient’s needs. Here are a few tools […]

New Study Confirms Upward Market Trends for Vision Screeners

Clear vision is essential for much of a person’s everyday routine. Vision screeners will become increasingly important to detect and prevent many of the eye diseases and conditions that impact vision. A new study shows the latest trends in the equipment being used to protect eyesight.   What Vision Screeners Do Optometry vision screeners offer […]

Can Smartphone Eye Exams Undermine the Optometry Industry?

smartphone eye exams

With new vision smartphone technology on the market promising to save time and medical costs, optometrists may wonder whether their patients will be tempted to forgo their annual eye exams this year. An app-based vision test certainly has appeal; it requires no in-person appointment and can usually be completed in three short tests. A closer […]

How Are People Tested for Color Blindness?

color blindness

Color blindness is easy to identify. If you were born color blind, you’ve likely known this information from a young age. Some forms of color blindness are thought to be genetically linked, as the trait is more prevalent in specific populations or genders. In men with Northern European ancestry, as many as 8 percent have […]

How a Spirolyser Spirometer Simplifies Your Workload

Spirolyser Spirometer

The respiratory system is of utmost importance to a person’s overall health. The human body requires oxygen to sustain itself, which is why a person should take their lung health seriously. Medical devices on the market exist to ensure medical professionals provide the right care to a patients pulmonary health system. Fortunately, Depisteo has created […]

Can Vision Screeners Eliminate Manual Visual Acuity Exams?

Visual acuity

A visual acuity test is an eye exam that assesses the ability to see details of letters or images from a set distance. The test gets commonly used in establishments such as opticians, schools, and driving license centers. The visual acuity test can be performed by an optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist, nurse, or technician. The visual […]

Are School Vision Screenings Reliable?

school vision screenings

Vision screenings are essential in the maintenance of eye health. School vision screenings, in particular, are important because children are often not aware of sight issues or know how to communicate their troubles. Routine vision screenings can detect problems before a child’s sight development is compromised. Once the medical professional identifies the problem, it can […]

How to Explain Spirometry Results to Patients

Spirometry results

Spirometry is one of the essential tests doctors use to assess the health of their patient’s lungs. The test can be used to diagnose a variety of conditions from COPD to asthma to pulmonary fibrosis and so much more, making it a the cornerstone for respiratory health care. The beauty of the test is that […]

Serious Lung Diseases That A Spirometer Can Diagnose

lung diseases

Our lungs are probably are the most underappreciated organs. When they are working well, we don’t pay much attention to them at all, but any sort of problem could mean a severe issue for your health. Fortunately, one of the most useful tools out there at diagnosing the health of your lungs is spirometry through […]

How Vision Tester Equipment Can Increase Your Facility’s ROI

vision tester equipment

Optometrist’s who run their own business understand the importance of efficiency and how it plays a role within their doctor-patient interactions. If you are an ocular health provider, then you rely heavily on the equipment used to screen, treat, and diagnose patients. This equipment is at the center of your business as it determines the […]