How Your Overall Wellness as a Child Affects Your Adulthood Lung Health

Almost every day, we hear news about why it is essential for adults to exercise and have a good diet. Everything from your physical to emotional health is impacted by how well you take of your body. So it just makes sense that diet and exercise likewise play a crucial role in children as well. More and more research is coming out to prove that your overall wellness as a child plays a critical role in lung health and how well your overall respiratory system will function as an adult. Here are just a few of the key factors in childhood that will help determine your lifetime health.


1) Regular Exercise

Exercise is critical for children. It helps them build lifetime health, and not just including being physically fit. There’s a wide array of benefits of childhood exercise from the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, to a reduced chance of stroke and cardiovascular disease, to improved lung health and respiratory function. Children who exercise for at least 60 minutes each day see numerous benefits across their entire lifetime.


2) Prevention is the Best Medicine

You can’t plan for everything. But if you can catch something before it develops further, you can reduce its effects. Regular doctor checkups are good, but it’s better to take it a little farther and also include annual eye and lung exams. Annual spirometry exams—the test that measures lung function—can help show if the lungs are developing healthily and, if not, what steps should be taken to promote lung health. The same is also true with eye exams. During youth, it may be possible to use corrective lenses to prevent vision problems that develop later in adults.


3) Diet Plays a Huge Role in Development

You don’t have to go overboard. Children don’t need to eat kale and broccoli salad for every meal. However, a healthy, balanced diet full of vitamin-rich foods has been proven to lead to better long-term health as well as classroom performance. Plus, superfoods like Acai and Goji Berries are favorites with children for their natural sweetness, while they also lead to a lower risk of developing a wide range of cancers when they are older.


4) Childhood Illnesses

Many adults naturally worry any time their child gets sick. But there is a balance to be on the lookout for. Childhood is the critical time in developing the body’s immune system. Research has shown that there is such a thing as “over-sterilization.” In fact, a 2012 study showed that children raised on farms, or who spent a long time in nature, were less likely to develop allergies and asthma as compared to their peers.


Promoting the Best Health Starts Young

Parents have to make many decisions when it comes to their children’s wellbeing. At some times, it can be overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is that children’s health is in many ways similar to adults. They too need a healthy diet, regular exercise, and routine health exams. In fact, by doing these things you can help be sure that have healthier adulthoods. From primary care to vision and lung health screenings, Depisteo is here to help you with the tools you need to promote total health and wellbeing.

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