VT1 Vision Screener

VT1 Vision Screener for Occupational Health and Preventative Medicine

Why the VT1 Vision Screener?

Your profession is evolving and we are dedicated to simplifying your daily work routine with a high-performance tool that meets your needs.

The VT1 Vision Screener provides you with a user-friendly environment, adaptable to your needs.

  • A complete device containing all required screening tests
  • A customized instrument for fast, efficient work
  • Help for interpretation of results
  • Device interfaced with your EMR software package

Large Choice of Tests

  • Acuity with letters and Landolt rings
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Vertical and Horizontal Phorias
  • Fusion
  • Depth Perception
  • Color
  • Night Vision
  • Contrast
  • Complete Visual Field: vertical, horizontal, nasal and central
  • Amsler Grid
  • Distances: Far Vision (20ft), Intermediate Vision (24 in) and Near Vision (14 in)
  • Luminosity: High, low and mesopic (night) photopic
  • Mode: Binocular and Monocular

Computerized VT1 – An Adaptable Support for Fast, Efficient Work

Benefits of a computerized version:

  • Instant input of patient responses
  • Saves test time
  • Exports results
  • Creates test sequences
  • Scoring (pass/fail)

Saves time and focuses on the essentials by creating occupation-specific test sequences and adapting tests according to patient professional risks.

Purdue Mobile, Administrative, Purdue Operator … sequences.

Customize sequences according to your needs.

Still need more? Customization of scoring to automatically determine customer aptitude and facilitate reading of results.

To create customized sequences on the remote-control VT1 Master, simply request when ordering.

Interpretation Help

Upon request Depisteo supplies free Interpretation Help.

General Features

  • Performs a complete visual test in 2-5 minutes
  • 2 year warranty
  • Adapted to wearers of progressive lenses
  • Sensitive detector ensuring correct head position
  • Lightweight and inclines for easy transport and patient adaptation
  • Purdue Job Standards sequences integrated
  • Easy to use, simple and customizable software
  • Interface mode to export medical results
  • VT1 software compatible with XP, Windows Vista, Seven, 8 and 10


VT1 for Occupational Health and Preventative Medicine

VT1 Master Edition: Premium Choice

Computerized and/or Remote Control

Recommended Accessory


A compact and portable device.
Elegant trolley transports your VT1 wherever you go!

USA government/military customers

Call for information on how to order your vision screeners.

Amplify the Health and Well-Being of Your Employees