VT1 Vision Screener

VT1 Vision Screener for Child Screening

Why the VT1 Vision Screener?

You need to test the visual acuity of children from the age of 5 years, and require an instrument that simplifies your daily work routine and meets your needs.

The VT1 Vision Screener provides you with a user-friendly environment to perform broad screening for the main visual problems.

  • A complete device containing all necessary screening tests
  • A customized instrument for fast, efficient work
  • Device interfaced with your EHR software

Large Choice of Screening Tests

  • Acuity with letters and symbols (20/100, 20/50, 20/40, 20/30, 20/25 and 20/20)
  • Hyperopia +1
  • Vertical and Horizontal Phorias
  • Depth Perception
  • Color
  • Night Vision
  • Distances: Far Vision (20ft) and Near Vision (14 in)
  • Luminosity: High, low and mesopic (night) photopic
  • Mode: Binocular and Monocular

Computerized VT1 – An Adaptable Support for Fast, Efficient Work

Benefits of a computerized version:

Benefits of a computerized version: instant input of patient responses, saves test time, exports results, creates test sequences.

  • Instant input of patient responses
  • Saves time
  • Exports results
  • Creates test sequences

Saves time and focuses on the essentials by creating profile-specific test sequences and performing only relevant tests.

Kinder tests, Grade 1-5 tests, sequences …. (sequences customized according to your needs).

Compatibility with EHR Software

The VT1 software is interfaced with a number of software packages. Simply request a list of compatible EHR software packages.

General Features

  • Performs a complete visual test in 2-5 minutes
  • 2 year warranty
  • Sensitive detector ensures correct head position
  • Inclines for patient adaptation
  • Easy to use, simple and customizable software
  • VT1 software compatible with XP, Windows Vista, Seven, 8 and 10


VT1 for Child Screening

VT1 Junior Edition: Your Choice

Computerized only

Recommended Accessory

Wheeled transport case

A compact and portable device
Elegant trolley transports your VT1 wherever you go!

USA government/military customers

Call for information on how to order your vision screeners.

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