Your Optometrist Versus Online Eye Exams

When it comes to the matter of eye care, people have access to a wide array of technology. The spirometers and vision screening devices from Depisteo provide optometrists with the equipment necessary for conducting eye exams. However, some people have taken to conducting eye exams on their own via smartphone eye exams. Before taking an […]

3 Services to Look for from Occupational Therapists

Services to Look for from Occupational Therapists Occupational therapy is often mistaken for other kinds of rehabilitative care, but it is a unique component of any recovery plan. Occupational therapy is the only therapy committed to helping patients recover occupational health or the ability to perform the work-related or leisure activities they need to do (or […]

Do All Medical Devices Need FDA Approval?

FDA medical devices

Background Information The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and supervises the safety of foods, dietary supplements, and a host of medical treatments which includes drugs, vaccines, cosmetics, etc. The body within the FDA that is responsible for ensuring the safety of all FDA medical devices and eliminating unnecessary exposure to radiation-emitting products is […]