Depisteo Medical Device Support

General Device Help

Yes, the Depisteo After Sales Service is open all year round, but for actual interventions, we will need your Good for Agreement or Order form for the quote realised. In any case, it is preferable to inform our After Sales Service of the shipment of your equipment.

Simply pack your device into the original packaging, including the foam (compulsory for the VT1) or another box, so that your device is not damaged during transportation. Send your device, along with a note explaining the reason, the details of the person to whom the quote should be sent (email address or fax n°) and shipment address, to:

Depisteo Customer Service
112 Skyline Drive
Arlington, WI53911 USA

Upon receipt, our After Sales Service will carry out expertise on your device and send you a quote for validation. After agreement, the After Sales Service will perform the maintenance on your device and ship it back to you.


Contact us by phone: (800) 496-8290 or by email:, with the serial number (s/n: …..) of your device (noted on the device or the cables) and your software version (located in either “?”, or “Help”) then system information (first line).

Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer Support

Use a calibrating syringe, attached to the “mouthpiece” side of the sensor handle, to make an adjustment. When using the syringe with the Depisteo spirometers, always start by “breathe in” then “breathe out”, from one end to the other, without pausing. Perform only one “pull-push” between “start” and “finish”. If required, reclick on “start” etc …

Check adjustment of the spirometer in FVC mode (Spirowin V5 or later, by clicking BTPS in the configuration menu) or verification (Spirowin V6 or Spirowin Pro). Volumes should be between 2.91L – 3.09L for a 3-litre syringe (i.e. 3% of the syringe volume) whatever the flow (speed) when manipulating the syringe.

VT1 Vision Screener Support

If, for example, the nasal LED of the right eye of the peripheral field is lit, the patient will probably say “left” as he perceives the LED with the left part of the peripheral field of the right eye.

What colour is the dot on the bottom right of the VT1 window (check as soon as the software is switched on)? Grey: Is the VT1 correctly plugged in (light on power plug and USB lead)? Is the driver of the CP210 component correctly installed and recognised (visible in Device Manager)? What version is it? Red then Grey: Is the driver version correct (visible in Device Manager)? Is communication speed correct (“Option\Configuration\” choice 9600bps for 95% of VT1s and 36000 bps for the VT1 from 2007)? Green: communication is established.

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