7 Necessary Functions of a General Vision Screener

Routine vision screening is a great way to check on the health of your eyes. It is an eye exam that is used to spot potential vision problems in a patient. A vision screening device is instrumental in detecting vision issues, whether in children or adults. Not all vision screeners are created equal, and there […]

Understanding Vision Screening Technology

When it comes to the matter of eye care, people now have access to a wide range of screening technology and procedures. With the advancement of technology, there are many ways to screening a patient’s vision and get results that could impact eye health. True enough, vision screening has come a long way since the […]

How Optometrists Screen for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is defined as a degeneration of the optic nerve and impaired eyesight because of pressure within the eye.  It is a serious eye disease that has no cure. The effects of glaucoma can be slight vision loss to total blindness. Medication or surgery can slow the loss of vision, however, about 10% of people […]

How to Become a Certified Vision Screener in 3 Simple Steps

In an age where people use computers and handheld devices at an increasing rate, the market trends for vision screeners continue to rise. Depisteo manufactures a vision screening device (known as a vision screener) for use in assessing the eyesight of each child, based on their age. The multiple testing options involved are objective, subjective, […]

Your Optometrist Versus Online Eye Exams

When it comes to the matter of eye care, people have access to a wide array of technology. The spirometers and vision screening devices from Depisteo provide optometrists with the equipment necessary for conducting eye exams. However, some people have taken to conducting eye exams on their own via smartphone eye exams. Before taking an […]

How our Products Contribute to the World of Occupational Health

In the world of occupational health, medical screening devices are vital tools. The health, wellbeing, and safety of employees should not be overlooked. Through employee education, preventative medicine, and medical screening, employees can be productive and healthy on the job. Depisteo is a leading medical screening device manufacturer that specializes in creating spirometers and vision […]

3 Vision Screener Editions and How They Can Best Help You

Whether you are in the occupational health field or simply looking to apply for a driver’s license, a vision screening test is required for several certification areas of our lives–not to mention the assurance of overall eye health. But what exactly is vision screening and what does it entail? Vision screening is a routine eye […]

What are Pulmonary Function Tests, and How are They Conducted?

If you are experiencing symptoms of lung problems, there is a good chance you need a Pulmonary Function Test. This test, also referred to as a PFT, is a noninvasive evaluation that shows how well your lungs are working. Another major reason why you might get a PFT is to analyze how well your lungs […]

3 Services to Look for from Occupational Therapists

Services to Look for from Occupational Therapists Occupational therapy is often mistaken for other kinds of rehabilitative care, but it is a unique component of any recovery plan. Occupational therapy is the only therapy committed to helping patients recover occupational health or the ability to perform the work-related or leisure activities they need to do (or […]

6 Techniques and Equipment Used by Occupational Therapists

Occupational health care professionals offer a unique suite of services for patients whose injuries (or degenerative diseases) have caused them to lose the ability to perform work-related or leisure activities. What sets occupational therapists apart is their unique training in using techniques that help patients resume the activities they enjoy doing (or need to do […]