3 Vision Screener Editions and How They Can Best Help You

Whether you are in the occupational health field or simply looking to apply for a driver’s license, a vision screening test is required for several certification areas of our lives–not to mention the assurance of overall eye health. But what exactly is vision screening and what does it entail?

Vision screening is a routine eye exam to determine whether or not there are problems with a patient’s eyes. The main purpose of a vision screening exam is to diagnose, treat, and prevent any potential eye problems. There are several types of vision screeners on the market, but today we will discuss the VT1 Vision Screener by Depisteo.

The VT1 Vision Screener by Depisteo is a comprehensive medical device that can detect eye problems in under 5 minutes. Today, we’ll go over the 3 editions Depisteo offers.

The 3 VT1 Vision Screener Editions You Should Know

1. VT1 Vision Screener for Occupational Health

If you are practicing in the occupational health field, you have likely encountered patients with visual impairment as you’ve provided rehabilitative care. This is especially true when it comes to older patients.

These vision problems can influence the occupational performance of the client.

The VT1 Vision Screener for Occupational Health and Preventative Medicine is a high-performance tool that meets the needs of occupational therapists. This particular occupational therapy equipment is highly comprehensive and contains all vision screening tests relevant to occupational therapy.

The test sequences can also be customized, saving a lot of time and promoting efficiency. The device is also compatible with the EMR software package.

2. VT1 Vision Screener for DMV

Before anyone is given a driver’s license, the applicant’s driving aptitude must be validated on top of the other tests. As you may know, it can become rather chaotic in the licensing center due to the sheer number of applicants.

The VT1 Vision Screener for DMV heavily streamlines the driver’s visual acuity tests, making them faster and more efficient. With this device, driver acuity tests can be done in under 5 minutes–saving lots of time and headaches for those at the DMV.

Like all of Depisteo’s vision screener, the VT1 Vision Screener can be customized to include only the aptitude tests you require.

3. VT1 Vision Screener for Child Screening

Good vision health is one of the most important things for a child to excel in their education. After all, a good part of learning depends on a child’s visual performance. Most schools conduct evaluations for the students’ vision but they may not be entirely accurate.

Fortunately, VT1 vision screeners are more than capable of testing children’s visual acuity. The VT1 Vision Screener for Child Screening is a valuable tool for school optometrists to conduct screening tests like the following:

  • Acuity with letters and symbols
  • Hyperopia +1
  • Vertical and Horizontal Phorias
  • Color
  • Depth Perception
  • Distances: Far Vision and Near Vision

The VT1 Vision Screener allows you to create test sequences based on profiles. This way, you only need to perform relevant tests based on your needs.

Why Choose the VT1 Vision Screener?

Regular vision screenings are important for detecting, treating, and preventing eye problems. The VT1 Vision Screener is a comprehensive medical tool that will allow your business to save a great deal of time and money while promoting eye health.

The best benefit of the VT1 is its customizability. This tool can be programmed to tailor to the needs of the user. Opticians and individuals from both public and private businesses will now be able to conduct accurate, efficient, and streamlined vision screenings.