How our Products Contribute to the World of Occupational Health

In the world of occupational health, medical screening devices are vital tools. The health, wellbeing, and safety of employees should not be overlooked. Through employee education, preventative medicine, and medical screening, employees can be productive and healthy on the job. Depisteo is a leading medical screening device manufacturer that specializes in creating spirometers and vision screening devices. The equipment for occupational therapists is transforming the way operational health is addressed and how employees are catered to in order to function efficiently in the workplace. Let’s take a closer look at Depisteo’s spirometer and vision screening devices to enhance patient care and the impacts the products have on the occupational health field as a whole.

The Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer

A spirometer is a type of respiratory therapy device that is used by healthcare professionals to measure the volume and speed of air inspired and expired in the lungs. It can measure lung capacity and airflow. Essentially, spirometers measure pulmonary function or administer breathing tests. Depisteo’s Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer is a high-performance, single-use respiratory therapy device for measuring lung capacity. It requires no calibration or disinfection as the Qflow sensor will never be touched. This prevents cross-contamination. Moreover, it’s compatibility with various EMR software packages make for a user-friendly interface for healthcare professionals. It’s ideal for OSHA spirometry and SSA disability.

Spirolyser Q13 Changing the Occupational Health Industry

The Spirolyser Q13 enhances occupational health surveillance as it relates to pulmonary function. This complete screening device performs at a high level to identify breathing problems early, which could prevent the development of more serious problems in workers who are exposed to gases or dust in the workplace. Being able to identify pulmonary changes in a simple and quick way that is reliable and accurate makes this spirometer a high-performance device. The Spirolyser Q13 simplifies the work of occupational therapists with both measurements and assessments in a single medical device, interpretation assistance, tutorial videos, and disease management. Furthermore, the technological features designed into this spirometer make it possible to not only deliver quality preventative patient care but also boost the quality of life of workers.

VT1 Vision Screener 

The VT1 Vision Screener is a piece of equipment for occupational therapists that combines optical, electronic and advanced technology designed to perform visual acuity measurements and broad screening for visual issues in patients. The vision screener is capable of measuring sharpness, glare, sensitivity, and astigmatism. It offers multiple tests and its user-friendly software interface is compatible with EMR software packages and can deliver pass/fail score and customize testing sequences. Remotely operated and automated, the VT1 Vision Screener is easy to transport, performs tests quickly and provides ergonomic advantages in the forehead rest.

VT1 Vision Screener Changing the Occupational Health Industry

In the world of occupational health, the VT1 Vision Screener improves the way vision screening is performed and how healthcare professionals measure the clarity of vision. It boosts efficiency through speed, accuracy, and adaptability, making it easier for occupational therapists to perform. It also makes patients more confident in the screening they receive. It saves valuable time, can be customized for patients’ specific needs, be it far vision or near vision. This is truly a flexible device that caters to both the user and patients’ requirements.

Depisteo’s Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer and VT1 Vision Screener are two high-performance occupational health products. They are uniquely designed to be reliable through accuracy and efficiency. The spirometer improves how the air capacity of the lungs is measured and how lung function is assessed, while the vision screener provides a level of flexibility and adaptability when measuring visual acuity and screening for visual problems in patients. All in all, these medical screening devices simplify the work and foster greater accuracy and reliability.