How to Become a Certified Vision Screener in 3 Simple Steps

In an age where people use computers and handheld devices at an increasing rate, the market trends for vision screeners continue to rise. Depisteo manufactures a vision screening device (known as a vision screener) for use in assessing the eyesight of each child, based on their age. The multiple testing options involved are objective, subjective, and cover testing. In order to use these devices, you can become a vision screener (the occupation), which allows you to measure the quality of a patient’s vision.


Prevent Blindness

In order to become a vision screener, you must enroll in a program that would eventually lead to certification. Prevent Blindness is a national program that would provide training for aspiring vision screeners. If you are looking into committing yourself to this type of work, then you would need to take the Prevent Blindness Children’s Vision Screening Certification Course.



Step 1: Prerequisites

This certification course is recommended for a variety of people. It would be useful to those who study early care and education, as well as staff members involved in that line of work. It is also suitable for nurses of various types of places, whether they be nurses who work at schools, pediatric practices, public health settings, and family offices. This course would also be an appropriate fit for medical assistants, physician assistants, school health clerks, head start program staff members, community volunteers, and primary healthcare providers. Vision screening is a valuable part of all of these industries.


Step 2: Learning Topics

As aspiring vision screeners take this certification course, they will become fluent in topics pertaining to the practice. In order to work with children, they will be educated in the common vision disorders that may affect children. However, since children and adults of various ages do not all have the same standards when it comes to treatment, vision screeners will also need to know how to use evidence-based and age-appropriate tools as they examine each person’s vision. This course will also inform participants of educational resources that they could further study in order to become more knowledgeable within this profession.


Step 3: Certification

After the completion of this course, you will be certified in children’s vision screening. This certification will be valid for three years, so vision screeners will need to reacquaint themselves through this course when the expiration date nears. So be mindful of the duration during which you work as a vision screener. Recertification would involve review lessons, which should not be too difficult once you have already become so familiar with the field. Before you know it, you will be back in the field, checking vision quality once again through the use of the helpful instruments that you would need.


Become Part of the Vision

As a vision screener, you will be providing a beneficial service to those with eye trouble. With the vision screener product from Depisteo at your disposal, you will be able to obtain accurate results and know what will be right for the patient. Get certified and become part of the field so that you may make a positive impact on patients” lives.