How a Spirolyser Spirometer Simplifies Your Workload

The respiratory system is of utmost importance to a person’s overall health. The human body requires oxygen to sustain itself, which is why a person should take their lung health seriously. Medical devices on the market exist to ensure medical professionals provide the right care to a patients pulmonary health system. Fortunately, Depisteo has created a product that simplifies care significantly, known as the Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer.


The Importance of a Lung Test

Lung function tests, measure the overall capacity of the lungs and are essential for understanding the health of patients. Even if a patient never complains about any problems with their lungs, doctors should be recommending exams at least once a year. Like most health conditions, early diagnosis of a lung problem is much more manageable and treatable.


Measuring Everything With One Device

What sets Depisteo’s Spirolyser Spirometer apart from others is that it offers to conduct a wide range of tests. Some of these tests include:


  • Forced Vital Capacity (FVC)
  • Max Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Slow Vital Capacity (SVC)
  • Asthma Test
  • COPD Test


The device provides medical professionals with a list of data that displays the exact numbers that you need to diagnose a patient accurately. It requires no calibration; you merely need to adjust it to your settings. Because of its advanced technological features, medical personnel and patients don’t have to wait weeks to uncover a diagnosis. It can easily diagnose underlying conditions, asthma, and COPD.

Spirolyser Spirometer


Software Packed With a Powerful Punch

The Spirolyser Spirometer is not only a powerful diagnostic tool, but it is also a device used in conjunction with easy-to-use software. This SpiroWin Expert software replaces the long wait of the diagnostic tests making much easier for you to track health and make assessments. The SpiroWin Expert Software is highly intuitive and easy to understand, providing professionals and patients quick and accurate data showing results from specific tests as well as the comparison of results over time. It also depicts graphics for patients to better understand what exactly the measurements mean. Other features include:


  • Easy to Follow Help Videos
  • A Secure Database
  • Assistance with Result Interpretation


Hygiene Meets Better Results

Unlike other models that require constant cleaning after each use, the Spirolyser Spirometer uses a “no contact no risk” framework. The idea is that the operator’s hands never directly contact the sensor, as each single-use Qflow sensor comes individually packed in a pre-cut and printed plastic sleeve. The sensor ejects after each test, cutting down on unnecessary contact preventing the spread of bacteria and promoting a healthier clinical environment.


Testing for Here and Now

In the last few years, there have been some serious breakthroughs in pulmonary health technology. The Spirolyser Spirometer combines advanced features into a convenient, reliable device that significantly reduces your workflow with its user-friendly interface. It also improves diagnostic capabilities and cleanliness of your clinic. Contact us today to talk with a specialist to learn more about our Spirolyser Spirometer.