How Vision Tester Equipment Can Increase Your Facility’s ROI

Optometrist’s who run their own business understand the importance of efficiency and how it plays a role within their doctor-patient interactions. If you are an ocular health provider, then you rely heavily on the equipment used to screen, treat, and diagnose patients. This equipment is at the center of your business as it determines the organization and efficiency in seeing patients. With vision tester equipment you are not only saving time, but you are also improving service for your patients. When upgrading all these components, you achieve a better ability to assess patient’s, which in turn improves your businesses ROI.  


Today’s Top Tool- the VT1 Vision Screener

One machine is quickly becoming a popular choice among optometry practices. Depisteo’s VT1 Vision Screener is a vision testing machine that detects simple visual problems in under 5 minutes. What makes this product necessary is that it is more or less a one-stop shop for diagnosing a whole range of vision issues. It can screen for multiple problems from myopia, astigmatism, corneal defects and so much more.

When you invest in this device, you don’t have to purchase multiple machines meaning that you save money. It also eliminates the learning curve of adapting to so many different new devices. It’s all there in one place, so you have everything you need.


Additional Benefits of Vision Tester Equipment

Vision tester equipment is fast. Whereas as standard examination might take ten to twenty minutes and any amount of time to get the results back, equipment like the VT1 can diagnose in just two to five minutes.

The VT1 provides providers with the time to see more patients in a day. With quicker examination times, patients are happier and more than likely to come back. This vision testing equipment gives patients thorough examinations meaning more accurate diagnosis. It’s truly worth the investment.  


The Optician’s 21st Century Advantage

The final advantage of vision tester equipment is that it lets you take advantage of the latest in today’s technology. With this device, you have the capacity to export patient results. This kind of access enables’s patient to see the results themselves and to understand their eye health better.

It also gives you an opportunity to share some of these findings with colleagues for either research purposes or additional consultations. It even makes it so that you can store all the data you need in one place to adequately track health over time.


Vision Tester Equipment- The Wave of the Future

These days, more and more practices are adopting vision tester equipment. There are many benefits to them, and with their increased efficiency and capability, they end up paying for themselves. So there’s no better time than now to upgrade your optical tools and embrace some of the latest in new tech.