Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer

Spirolyser Q13 for Occupational Health and Preventative Medicine

Why the Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer?

Your profession is evolving and we are dedicated to simplifying your daily work routine with a high-performance tool that meets your needs.

The Spirolyser Q13 spirometer provides you with a user-friendly environment and is extremely simple to use.

  • A complete device
  • A tool to simplify your daily work routine
  • “No Contact No Risk” concept generation of spirometer that requires no calibration and no disinfection
  • Device interfaced with your EMR software package.

A Complete Lung Capacity Measuring Device

The Spirolyser Q13 spirometer with its Spirowin Expert software meets and exceeds ATS/ERS and NIOSH recommendations.

  • Slow Vital Capacity (VC)
  • Forced Vital Capacity (FVC)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Pre/post

A Testing Tool to Simplify Your Daily Workload

SpiroWin Expert software is a user-friendly, intuitive and customizable software, designed as a support for your daily screening tests.

Interpretation Help for results, automatic validation of best curve, demonstration video (VC, FVC and MVV), incorporated weather station, comparison of tests over time … all you need for fast, efficient work.

Compatibility with EMR Software Packages

The Spirowin Expert software is interfaced with a number of software packages. Simply request a list of compatible EMR software packages to learn more.

“No Contact No Risk” Concept

With its “NO CONTACT NO RISK” design, the Spirolyser Q13 spirometer does not require calibration or disinfection.

Each single-use Qflow sensor (single-use Fleisch sensor) is individually packaged in a pre-cut and printed sachet. The operator’s hands never come into direct contact with the sensor. Thanks to an innovative ejection system, the used sensor is ejected after each test.

Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer Features

  • Single-use Fleisch sensor
  • No calibration or disinfection required
  • No cross-contamination
  • Suitable for use for SSA disability and OSHA Spirometry
  • BTPS adjustment
  • 2 year warranty
  • Qflow sensors – 50 or 200 per box

USA government/military customers

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