5 Best Eye Exam Tools

Our eyes are our windows to the world so there are few things more important than their health. So when you go in for a checkup, you want to make sure that the best equipment is being used. Nonetheless, you may have no idea what some of these devices are. Well, don’t worry! Whether you are patient or medical professional, here are the top 5 eye exam tools that you want to make sure are in the exam office.

1) VT1 Vision Screener

This is truly the best of the best. It has everything necessary to truly determine the health of your eyes. With comprehensive, computerized controlled, it is capable of performing a whole range of basic and more advanced screening test. It can check for a whole range of issues from astigmatism to glare sensitivity to so much more!

2) Slit Lamp

After your initial screening, you may want to do some additional tests. Slit lamps are flashlight microscopes used to examine the back of a person’s eyes. They work much better than just using a flashlight because they help doctors see things in much greater detail. As a result, your doctor is able to use this to examine the structure of your eye and its present health condition.

3) Phoroptor

You have definitely seen this, you just may not know its name. It the machine in which the doctor asks “which is better: one or two?” This is used to determine what level of vision correction might be necessary for the eyes.

The doctor is cycling through different lenses to determine how well a person can see and read through each of them. After running the tests, they will be able to assign the right tailored prescription.

4) Keratometer

Your cornea is the transparent layer that is the front part of your area. A keratometer is used to measure the shape of your cornea. What’s important about this is that the shape of it whether it is round or flat, can tell you whether you have astigmatism or other corneal problems. It is also used to determine the shape of contact lens that would best fit the eyes.

5) Ophthalmoscope

This is an essential eye exam tools. It is a small device used to check the retina along with the eye’s veins and arteries. These are particularly helpful when visiting the doctor for more complex issues as it can be used to see redness and other issues more visible.

Just a Few Tools in the Collection

Ophthalmologists have a whole arsenal of tools in their collections. These are all extremely helpful in determining the health of the eyes as well as resolving conditions and assigning the correct glasses and contact lenses. It all comes back to vision health and these devices can make sure that the eyes are happy and healthy for a long time!