How to Read an Asthma Spirometry Test for Lung Function

asthma spirometry test

Understanding an Asthma Spirometry Test Spirometry tests are some of the most effective ways of diagnosing and prescribing a course of treatment for a massive range of lung problems. One of its most common and effective uses is in the treatment of asthma, however, it also assists in spirometry COPD diagnosis. This short guide will […]

5 Best Eye Exam Tools

eye exam tools

Our eyes are our windows to the world so there are few things more important than their health. So when you go in for a checkup, you want to make sure that the best equipment is being used. Nonetheless, you may have no idea what some of these devices are. Well, don’t worry! Whether you […]

Useful Resources: Optometrist Equipment List

optometrist equipment list

The optometrist equipment list designed to assist ophthalmologists and optometrists in their precise work is quite amazing. Take the VT1 Vision Screener for optometrists as an example. This high-performance instrument simplifies the eye surgeon’s busy daily work routine and helps them perform broad screening to detect the main visual disorders affecting patients. The aim of […]